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John Finlay Motors 2021 Ltd.

Complete Automotive Service You Can Rely On

For over 20 years, John Finlay Motors has stood as an emblem of trust and expertise in the automotive industry in the Christchurch and Canterbury areas. With an unyielding commitment to exceptional service and the deep-rooted values of honesty and transparency, we’ve built not just a business, but a community of loyal customers in the heart of the city.

Founded by the hands of skilled tradesmen, John Finlay Motors is more than just a garage. We’re a legacy built on decades of mechanical precision, passionate work, and an unwavering commitment to our customers. Our team, led by the seasoned Marc Stillwell – a mechanic since 1995 and a key pillar of John Finlay Motors since 1997 – ensures that every vehicle that comes to us is treated with utmost care and professionalism.


Boasting over twenty years in the realm of mechanical repairs, our team has built a reputation grounded in trust and excellence. From brand-new models to old-time classics, we know them all. Our team loves cars and knows how to take care of them, no matter their age or make. With our long history and passion, we make sure every car gets the best service.


Whether it’s the sleek European models, rugged Australian classics, or reliable Japanese vehicles, we handle them all with expertise. Our speciality doesn’t stop there; we have a soft spot for British classics like Jaguars, Daimlers, Triumphs, MGs, and Minis. From modern e-cars and hybrids to versatile 4WDs and light commercial vehicles, we cover all makes and models.

Trust and Quality

Our MTA membership is more than just a badge—it’s our promise to you. Being part of the MTA means we stick to high standards, from honest service to fair pricing. Every mechanic in our team is trained, ensuring you get expert care for your vehicle. And if ever there’s a hiccup, the MTA’s mediation process is there for added peace of mind.

Transparent and Respectful

Our reputation is built on being honest and upfront. We believe in showing our customers exactly what’s wrong, and always call before there is something done on the car, ensuring there are no surprises. We treat everyone with respect. Our customers are welcome to see and understand what’s being worked on.

A Joyful Workspace

We believe happy mechanics make for happy cars. Our work environment is always buzzing with positivity, especially on our ‘Pie Day Friday’. Our ‘Pie Day Friday’ is more than just a treat; it’s a symbol of our appreciation where we come together and share gratitude for the dedication and hard work poured into every repair.

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